Nurture your preteens to build a leadership mindset, get industry expert mentoring, project certification and launch their own initiatives!

Application deadline for the 3rd cohort closes on 28th Feburary
, 2024!

The Vision

Our vision is to empower 1500+ fellows who will influence 10 lakh+ individuals through their projects over the next five years. 

The Mission

We are on a mission to nurture and constantly support trailblazer fellows through training, network, opportunities and a lifetime community engagement through our platform.

5 Pillars of The Trailblazer Fellowship


The Trailblazer Journey

                                        THE NEED OF OUR TIMES

In these rapidly changing times, how can we prepare young children for a future that is so uncertain? Like Dr. Wagner from Harvard University posed an important                                                                     question, "How can we bridge this gap between what they are taught and what they need for real life?"

Course Outline 

A trailblazer’s journey doesn't end with the fellowship training, it amplifies the impact through the community and the connections!

Build your Resume early.

  Get the right framework, tools & road map to kickstart your initiative at a young age.

  Get connections and guidance by expert mentors and role models 1- on -1.

  Build a cutting edge profile to get into Ivy League colleges that can remarkably change the    trajectory of their careers, opportunities and life. 

  Gain valuable real-world experience doing industry projects & gain their certificates.

 Unleash their highest potential and build their confidence to lead ahead.

1. Breakthrough Belief System &  Power of Physiology 

2. Dream Boarding & Rocket Launch Plan

3. Productivity Planner

4. Creative Articulation

5. Passion Project Discovery

6. Design Thinking

7. Ideation Framework

8. Building Digital Presence

9. Prototyping Process

10. Nurturing Collaboration

11.Experience & Sustainability Insights

12. Creating your Personal Identity

13. Feasibility & Sustainability

14. Building a Community

15. Creating Social Impact

16. Mentorship Connect


 Trailblazer Journal 

  Visiting Cards and Certificates

6 Exclusive Trackers 

 Online Community Access 

   Live Sessions and their recordings 

 Trailblazer Curated Library 

 5 Critical Tool Modules 

 Personal Insight Mapping

   Idea Execution Checklist 

   Peer Networking Group

Training Outline 

Platform- Online (Language - English(Primarily) Duration of Sessions- 1.5hrs every session (3hrs per week) *Wednesday- evening & Saturday- afternoon) in IST time zone.

Student Tuition

The fellowship fees is 25,000 INR (including GST) per selected fellow. The fee has to be paid as soon as the student accepts the invitation into the fellowship. The fees includes training for all the comprehensive modules , entire digital bundle as well as life time community support.

Selection Process

 The fellowship is for aspiring and highly motivated adolescents (11 to 16 years ) who are willing to be change makers beginning today!  

  Students applying can self-nominate or be nominated in the online form.

   Students will be evaluated on the basis of leadership traits demonstrated in the past and the desire to learn & grow in the future!

  Selected students will receive a welcome email for further process.

Mrs. Pranjal Gundesha

Founder & CEO of IntelligencePlus 

An NLP Certified Trainer, NFNLP (Florida), Secretary, Association of Primary Education & Research (APER), Pune Territory, Computer Engineer from Pune Institute of Computer Technology Teaching for Understanding at Harvard Graduate School Of Education, USA. An exceptionally talented individual with 57+ national and international awards to her credit.

Under her guidance, IntelligencePlus has impacted over

10,000+ students        500+ schools        110+ cities         10+ initiatives 

Are you aspiring these things for your Pre-teen?

1. Do you envision to encourage your child to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills and learn how to turn their ideas into reality?

2. Are you looking to provide your child with access to resources and tools that can empower them to be productive young leaders?

3. Do you want your child to learn from real world experiences and build a portfolio of online projects and gain industry certification?

4. Would you like to encourage your child to think critically and creatively, and identify real-world problems that they can solve through their own initiatives?

5. Would you like to give your child a chance to get mentoring from industry experts who can guide them in their idea execution?

If your answer is YES!

What Parents Say About Fellowship

Anjali Hedaoo
Satyaj Hedaoo's Parent, Pune

Fateh Singh
Kaashvi Singh's Parent, Pune

Rashmi Milan
Amrita Milan's Parent, Bangalore

What Students Say About Fellowship

1st Cohort Student's share 

Learnings and Impact

Amogh Holla
Oakridge International School, Bengluru

Satyaj Hedaoo
City Pride School, Nigdi

Frequently asked questions - 

  • It is a unique platform for children to develop skills that make them Future-Ready. The learning outcomes achieved through the sessions are apt and valuable in real world settings. The program fosters the child’s personal growth and inspires a positive change in them from inside-out.
  • Adolescence is a high impact age. It denotes the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood marked by conspicuous physical, cognitive, emotional and social changes. Early Mentorship Programs are important as they help to channelize youth energy in a positive way and prepare the next generation of leaders and change-makers. It provides youth with the skills necessary to guide others, influence opinions and policy, and become role models in future.
  • The 3 month training program helps to keep students engaged in a motivated state and keep up with the learning pace. It ensures that they get into the momentous state and eventually it becomes their way of life. The 12-week time frame will allow space out the modules to foster maximum learning. Our weekly pre-reading material, challenges and reflection activities ensure that the lessons are imbibed accurately. The duration also allows for our Fellows to collaborate effectively with their peers and build meaningful relationships across the board models in future.
  • Our carefully crafted modules consist of 24 live immersive sessions covering 10 high impact areas , 5 critical tool training sessions at your own pace, weekly challenges, guidance and execution of Passion Project, internship mapping and mentorship.
  • Yes, session recordings will be made available to the students.
  • Participants will get an opportunity for an offline/online internship for 1 month in collaboration with our partner organizations to give Fellows an opportunity to have hands-on experience, gain and apply practical skills and motivate them for the future.
  • The program aims at helping the students in personal transformation and empower them with skills that will set them apart and give a true head start for success. The fellows will be a part of a lifelong empowering community and will have strong alumni support.
  • Yes you can apply again for the next Cohort. Fellowship Cohorts will be conducted every 3 months.
  • No, the training and expert interactions are scheduled in the 3 month duration followed by a month long or more internship along with mentorship to bring their initiative live and a lifetime continued support by the community to build a network and enable them to create larger impact through various showcase and speaking platforms. Our past Innoventurer's have gone on to speak at various talks such as TEDX, Josh and receive national awards.


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