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Course Overview

Mindsplore is a unique research based, experiential program for children 3-7 years that creates a strong foundation with a holistic integrated approach for the development of mathematics, logic, aptitude based concepts and cognitive training. The course curriculum is based on the principles of the accelerated learning research and uses a blend of concept based learning, application oriented material and toys, copyrighted songs, movement based math activities, worksheets and exclusive learning based outdoor events to make learning fun, experiential and relevant!

Format - Level 1 to 4   |  1.5 hours per week  |  Each Level Duration: 1 Year  |  3 to 7 years

Growth Areas


Level 1
Age Group - 3 - 4 years

Level 2
Age Group - 4 - 5 Yrs

Level 3
Age Group - 5 - 6 Years

Level 4
Age Group - 6 - 7 Years


Shraddha Lunavat

Krisha has been a part of this program for the last six months and I’ve seen a lot of things developing in her mind. I never knew that Maths concepts were so easily taught to them. She already knows symmetry, addition and odd and even numbers! I’m very happy with her progress.

Raksha Shah

My daughter has been coming to IntelligencePlus since last one year and I have observed a lot of changes in her. Her logical reasoning has increased a lot. Whenever we read books, she can relate different pictures to different things and create her own story. Within one year she has started doing addition subtraction really easily!

Tanisha Rathod

It was very different. The activities that they did in class were way beyond the games at home. So she really enjoyed and had a good time. It’s a very good way of learning through games so it was nice being here!


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