India’s largest Ideation and Innovation challenge for school children (9-14yrs)

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Key Elements

It's not just an innovation challenge, but a skill building process, a showcase platform and a visionary movement!


In each round , get trained from CEO’s and industry experts and inspired by young change makers to empower yourself to see relevance and application in the real world.


Brainstorm and create solutions for real life challenges of society with the skills and insights acquired.


Build up your confidence, present your ideas to an eminent jury panel, showcase it to the world and celebrate your phenomenal growth journey through the year.


> It acts as a platform that opens door for endless possibilities and opportunities. 
> Winners get invited as eminent panelist on talk shows of Impact Partner's Online  platforms.
>Remarkable winning ideas get the opportunity to be mentored by industrial experts to take their ideas further. 
> Students with innovative and unique ideas from Round 1 and 2 also get invited to be on local radio channels/ write articles. 
> National winners get selected with a fully paid scholarship for the Trailblazer fellowship. 

Why should schools participate ?

  1. First ever platform for school children to develop and demonstrate their ideation and entrepreneurial skills via multiple trainings by industry experts.
  2.  One of its kind insightful performance mapping report for the whole school based on their student’s creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills which can also be used as reference data points and graphs in school reports. 
  3. Fosters a culture of innovation, problem solving and change making in the school and serves as USP of the school.
  4. Multiple awards for students at each level and schools and a widespread national recognition for the schools on multiple platforms: digital and in print. 
  5. The Innoventure challenge is aligned to the new NEP 2020 guidelines, Skill India and startup India mission.
  6. A complimentary Live workshop for all students grade 4-9th once the school registers for the challenge!
  7. No charges for the school to register! 

Why should students participate?

  1. Nurtures a growth mindset along with critical and creative thinking that lays the foundation for academic and professional growth.
  2. Get Live training from CEO’s and industry experts across different rounds to nurture their skill set to the next level.
  3. Our past students credited the Innoventure experience and learnings to get admission into IVY league colleges, fellowships, TED talks and be recognized and featured on other platforms.
  4. Master ideation innovation techniques and frameworks that empowers them to be solution creators of life. 
  5. Get recognized and featured on multiple platforms for the skills they possess other than academics on a national level.
  6. Interact with likeminded peers and build friendship and collaboration for future projects.
  7. Winning students get direct entry and full scholarship for the prestigious Trailblazer Fellowship.


1. Creative Thinking Round

Format: Subjective paper based creative thinking challenge. 

Participation fee: Rs. 300 per child only.

On successful enrollment, students would be provided with well researched and rest-of its kind online login ID with preparation material by IntelligencePlus.

Time Duration : 40 minutes

Date : 10th August | 21st September | 05th October (Choice of  any one date or prior to it in the week)

Awards : Certificate with ranking  and insightful  performance report. Medals based on performance.

Complimentary Preparation material available in individual login 

2. Online Interview Round

Selection : Students from each grade will be selected based on their national ranking for round 2.

Participation fee: No cost

Format: Live Online interview 

Date: 25th Nov. to 5th December 2024

Awards: All students  selected for the second round  would be given  a certificate of merit, Gift vouchers and a detailed performance report. Medals based on performance.

* Optional Additional Training Material:  These are a mix of Live and Recorded modules for mastering creative thinking processes.

3. Jury Presentation

 Selection : Students of each grade will be selected based on their national ranking for round 2 for the final round.

Participation fee:  Rs.1000 per child. Children will have to make own arrangements for the visit to Final Round in Pune.

Final Challenge Format : Students get trained by industry leaders and create solutions for real life challenges and present in person to the jury. 

Date: 18th & 19th January 2025 in Pune, Maharashtra

Awards:  Trophies, certificate of merit, scholarships and gifts.


Industry Experts

Hear what industry experts have to say about Innoventure

Dr Ganesh Natrajan
Member of Board, SBI | Honeywell Automation India Limited

Mr. Gurbans Chatwal
Vice President, Innovation and Intelligent Automation at Fiserv

Ms. Prachi Shevgaonkar
Founder of Cool the Globe

School Leaders

Hear what school leaders have to say about Innoventure

Preeti Gupta
School Leader - Little Angels Highschool, Madhya Pradesh

Sumana Nag
School Leader - Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati

Piya Vijaya

School Leader - SBOA School,
 Tamil Nadu


Hear what students have to say about Innoventure

Avik Chouksey

Anulekha Nambiar

Mr. Satyaj Hedaoo


Hear what parents have to say about Innoventure

Mr. Anil Talreja

Mr. Raghavendra Rao

Ritesh Patwal

Check out the winning schools!

Innovative ideas by students

Rohit Lahoti

Indus International School

Amogh Holla

Oakridge International School

Adishree Dubey

Ryan International School

Frequently asked questions

  • The process of Innoventure is to enable children to DISCOVER: their potential & thinking patterns LEARN: new skills and techniques and CREATE: Solutions to real life challenges. This isn’t just another competition or Olympiad that tests children on academic subjects. Innoventure believes in giving children multiple opportunities and platforms to nurture the above three processes of Discover, Learn and Create via the 3 Rounds of the challenge itself. Thereby, the challenge itself becomes a wonderful learning experience that stays with the children forever.
  • Round 1 Question Papers are prepared grade wise and has Subjective Challenge Statements based on Divergent Thinking, Creative Representation , Innovation, Ideation, Problem solving and Creative Thinking
    Below are some of the sample questions from different grades for the Round 1 Exam: If there was a 5th prominent season in India (unlike other seasons already known), come up with creative ideas as to what would happen in that season? Give it a name and describe it in brief
    Draw and depict the word ‘ Responsibility’ symbolically in four unique ways as per your understanding.
    In how many different ways can you use a pair of kitchen tongs? ( Mention at least 10) Design an innovative solution combining tiffin boxes and sensors/timers that can solve a certain problem. Draw its outlines, label and explain its functionality.
  • Students will be allocated a date after registration for the given Round 1 dates by the Innoventure team. Children can attempt Round 1 from home using the online platform provided. Children need to ensure that they have a working internet connection on a mobile/laptop that has a camera and audio input inbuilt during the examination. More details about the platform and rules will be sent individually to the child. via the portal.
  • All students who have successfully registered will receive a login id password through SMS and the official email ids given in the registration form. Note: Parents shall receive a message from the bulk SMS ID named: MD_INNOV and an email from
    [email protected]. Kindly move the emails to the primary tab in case you observe them elsewhere. The login Ids will be created and emailed to students 24hrs after the registration deadline date for the school.
    The portal gives children access to a preparation booklet which has a wonderful collection of different genres of questions based on global best practices on creativity and thinking skills.
    Additional training material is also available at a nominal cost of INR 300 only that includes 3 previous years Challenge Sets for their practice of that specific grade and access to NEW Grade Wise 6 modules in the video format consisting of multiple tools and techniques to develop these essential skills for life. (Worth otherwise at INR 1200)
  • Round 2 is a 5 odd minutes telephonic/online interview with the student. Questions are asked to understand and assess the child’s communication skills, thinking skills and interpersonal skills.
    Round 2 interview time slots can be chosen from the given slots over the duration of a month through the individual login ids. Accordingly our representative will schedule the student for an interview.
  • Tell us about your dreams and goals?
    Should children be given pocket money? Yes or no? Justify your viewpoint.
    Is it essential that a country has a national animal or national bird? Give your viewpoint.
    What was the toughest decision which you ever had to make?
    If you could be a “musical sound”, which one would you be and why?
  • There are no separate fees for Round 2. A basic set of sample questionnaires is provided in the students login id.
    Additional preparation material, access to live sessions by experts etc. can optionally be taken up by each child.
  • Innoventure results will be declared online on Innoventure portal in their individual login. We notify the parents about the results through SMS and the official email ids given in the registration form. E-certificates will be made available for every round in their individual login. Ranking and Detailed Performance Report and Recommendations for each round shall be available in individual login.
    For all rounds of Innoventure, zoom login id and password will be communicated to parents via message and Email (Primary Email id of parents). Kindly ensure to add the alternative mobile contact number and email id and other details into the student profile once you have logged into the system.
  • We innovate on the Final Format every year to make it more exciting and challenging for children.
    Instructions for the final round will be shared with the students one month prior to the final conclave.
    All doubts and queries, if any, shall be cleared and attended to by the IntelligencePlus team.
    All Preparation Material specific for each grade will be available in their individual logins.
    Live interactive sessions via prominent leaders will b e hosted LIVE ONLINE as an Optional training.
    More details on the format and timings shall be shared via their individual logins.
  • After 2 years of ONLINE FINALE, we are back with the most energetic and awaited Finale OFFLINE hosted over 2 days in PUNE .
    This round will have OFFLINE training by CEO’s, Entrepreneur's’ and Change Makers .
    The final Presentation shall be before the grand jury.
    This is a wonderful platform to interact and share ideas with like minded peers from across the country.
    Winning students' ideas get recognized as Young Change Makers and featured on ‘Impact Partners’ Platforms Globally.
    They additionally get the opportunity to be mentored by Industry experts for taking their ideas further ahead.
    Awards and Rewards will be handed over to the winners at the Finale.
  • Student Awards & Rewards:
    18 students (Top 3 from each grade) become the National winners and receive Trophies, certificates and rewards.
    240 National Finalists (40 from each grade) are awarded with Gold Medal of National Excellence and a certificate.
    All selected National Semi-Finalist for grades 4th -9th (not selected for the national Finale) get a Gold Medal for Zonal Excellence and certificates.
    Class toppers from each grade( 4th to 9th) from each participating school( that are not qualified for the 2nd Round) receive Gold Medal as school topper. (Provided there are a minimum of 10 participants from that grade from the school )
    All participants of Round 1 will be rewarded with a digital certificate with ranking.
    Top performing schools statewise get a citation and rewards
    Schools across each state are recognized and rewarded for their outstanding performance
    3 Schools are honored for excelling in Best Nurturing creativity and Innovation
    5 Schools are acknowledged for Best Enterprising School
    7 Schools receive recognition for their exceptional Mentorship
    Apart from National Awards and rewards,students and schools get the opportunity to be featured on numerous national and global platforms for their Ideas and get mentored and trained by CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and experts to create solutions to real life challenges.


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