Excellence in Reading (MENSA)

Stories and Reading open a world of endless possibilities!

Course Overview

The Excellence in Reading program nurtures children to be fluent readers and writers along with a love for stories and books. The course curriculum is based on the principles of the accelerated learning research and uses a blend of level wise phonics based concepts, poem recitation and storytelling sessions, our very own phonics rule based songs, movement based literacy activities, worksheets, exclusive individual portal access for resources and  learning based outdoor events to make learning fun and experiential ! 

Format - Level 1 to 4 | 1.5 hours per week | Each Level Duration: 1 Year | 3 to 7 years

Growth Areas


Level 1
Age Group - 3 - 4 years

Level 2
Age Group - 4 - 5 Yrs

Level 3
Age Group - 5 - 6 Years

Level 4
Age Group - 6 - 7 Years


Riddhi Jain

We are extremely happy with his progress, seeing him settle so well in class gives us comfort. We both are happy to see our child grow with love, happiness and knowledge. Thank you!


In 2 years now, I’ve seen really a great difference in his reading skills, the way complex phonics rules are taught via songs, it’s really fantastic to see him reading big books.


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