Future Ready

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and apply them in creative ways."- Robert Greene

Course Overview

Empower children to be future ready for life in 6 critical areas: Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Collaboration, Practical Life skills and Entrepreneurship !

Format - Enable: 8 to 10 years  | Empower: 11 to 14 years  | 1.5 hours per week

Growth Areas

Future Ready - Enable
Age- 7.5 to 10 years

Future Ready - Empower
10 to 14 years

Projects based Learing


Ritesh Agarwal

The basic difference that I saw in my son was that he has started thinking differently. Before this course, he wasn’t able to talk to other people. He’s developed the skill to talk to anyone and has started looking at things from different perspectives.

Varsha Doshi 

Intelligence Plus’s Future Ready course is amazing! I saw a difference in Manan’s thinking ability, lateral thinking, and logical thinking. He’s trying all these different things at home so it is a really satisfactory thing to see as a parent.

Mantrana Agarwal, Student

Coming to Intelligence Plus was one of the greatest parts of my life. I still use the techniques and skills learnt on a bazillion Saturday sessions. Design Thinking and Zentangles really helped in so many projects in school.


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