Thematic Workshops

Course Overview

These signature workshops allow children to explore themes/ techniques in a detailed and interdisciplinary way to find application in the real world in a hands-on way!

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Growth Areas

Exposure to topics like...

Inside My Outside

A hands on Montessori inspired workshops about everything related to our bodies.

Exploring Habitats

Experience the unique habitats of the world, their characteristics, animals and locations.

Young Engineers

A hands- on workshop with age appropriate world class kits to enable learning.

Materials Around Us

A hands on STEM workshops for young learners to understand the characteristics of material around them via experiments, activities and more!

Space Explorers

A hands on experimental workshop that explores planets, space objects, constellations and many others!

The Great Indian Subcontinent

A workshop exploring rivers, desert formation, connectivity, mountain ranges, & the significance of plateaus.

Journey to the center of the Earth

A Montessori Inspired Workshop for Children exploring different layers of the earth, movement of plates, landforms formation and more!

Exploring Continents

Explore the topography and build significant landforms of the continent, people ,culture, civilizations & more!

Master in Memory

Enable children to master the techniques taught to world memory champions.

Budding Entrepreneurs

A unique opportunity for children to become the future Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Creators and Leaders that the society really needs.

Design Thinking

 Enable children to become innovators, leaders not by chance but by intentional design!

Mind Maps

A workshop to help facilitate a better understanding of relationships and connections between ideas and concepts & help students brainstorm and explore any idea, concept or problem.


Ruchira Ranka

Wonderful efforts Pranjal by you and your team. We just go ga ga over all the concepts and your approach towards fun learning. They have learnt so much. Kudos!

Namrata Dhruve

Hats off to your efforts! Though you are an educator, your innovation is unique. Your execution is awesome! Looking forward to be in touch with you for our growth. 

Prachi Waikar

Coming to Intelligence Plus was one of the greatest parts of my life. I still use the techniques and skills learnt on a bazillion Saturday sessions. Design Thinking and Zentangles really helped in so many projects in school.


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